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2020 Crusade for Children

Russell Springs Fire and Rescue worked the streets to collect donations for the 2020 WHAS Crusade for Children. Photo by Amber Hobaugh.

By Amber Hobaugh

Staff Writer

The 67th annual WHAS Crusade for Children was held this past weekend in Kentuckiana after being pushed back from the Spring due to the Covid-19 pandemic. America’s most successful telethon raised $4.8 million this year and the number is still rising with final totals coming in from remote locations. 

“For a year like 2020, we’re truly proud of the way the community stepped up and contributed generously to help children with special needs. A huge thank you to all who gave and the firefighters who came up with creative ways to collect during a challenging time. It truly is an annual miracle,” said WHAS Crusade for Children President & CEO Dawn Lee in a press release. 

“It did really well. We’ve been participating in the event since 1970. This year was different, and I really didn’t decide until Thursday that we were going to participate. We never really set a goal; we’ve just been consistent for all these years. We always get way more out of the grants that we receive than we send in but we’re thankful for whatever people can donate,” Fire Chief H.M Bottom said.

Over the weekend the Russell County Fire Department was able to collect and donate over $5900.

“We really appreciate the firemen and their families for doing this each year. Very rarely do you ever hear any of them complain. We’ve had weekends over the years where it’s been really hot, and we’ve had weekends where it’s rained but these guys [and gals] do it rain or shine with a smile on their face,” Bottom added.

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